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Typical usage scenarios

Your Sisters Club site
  • Your sister asks you to setup a website for her dogs club. And you are looking for a solution, which enables you to apply an outstanding design for that site. And it is important that your sister is able to maintain the content herselves without ongoing support from you. You also want to have a solution, which you can control from start to end and which enables you to move from one hoster to another one – just in case.

Soccer Club Reservation System
  • You want to create a reservation system for the club house of your soccer club. You need a framework, which allows you to apply your own design and which also enables you to easily add your own application code in order to implement the reservation forms and data store. You don’t want to study complicated code frameworks and you are looking for a cost effective solution.

Resource for serialization know-how
  • You are looking for ASP.NET 2.0 code examples around the different providers for navigation and security. MWPSK includes source code and it comes with custom providers for security and navigation. It also shows how to manage XML files (serialization) and how to build a localizable system.

...many more
  • ... let us know what you are using My Web Pages Starter Kit for!

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