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Tips and Tricks

This is a collection of tips and tricks based on regular inquiries in the forum.

SQL Server & MWPSK

The MWPSK is really designed to store all CMS data in XML files in the App_Data folder. This doesn’t mean databases are bad. But avoiding the complexity of a database better aligns with the main mission of MWPSK -> simplicity. And considering the positioning of MWPSK just using files should be ok in terms of performance and reliability.

However, you still may want to use a database for your own additional components (Either EasyControls or real new MWPSK Sections). And this is not a problem at all. It is easy to create your own ASP.NET 2.0 xyz.ascx file and add your own database access code. Connection strings can be added to the web.config file and everything works fine.

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Same files on staging machine and production server

One key advantage of storing all content in XML files is the possibility to work with a site on one server and then copy all files in the App_Data folder to another server in order to duplicate a site. Like this you can move your site from one service provider to another one or you may create and maintain your site on a staging server (e.g. your workstation) and then deploy your content to the production host via FTP.

But there is an obstacle. If you upload images using the FCK Edit control they will be stored on the server and they are inserted into HTML with the <IMG> HTML Tag. The path to the image includes the virtual site path that looks most probably like this on your workstation: * /MySite/ImageHandler.ashx&..... But on the production server it should be like /ImageHandler.ashx&....* because there usually is no virtual site in place below www.yourdomain.xy.

If you want to stage your site on your workstation you should make sure that you work in the root. The URL should look like this: http://localhost/Default.aspx instead of http://localhost/MySite/Default.aspx. This will result in path attributes, which are compatible to your production server environment.

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VB or c#

MWPSK is developed using c# and we are not planning to provide it in VB code simultaneously because of the additional resources needed to do so. However, ASP.NET 2.0 offers the option to mix programming languages in the same site. If you are more familiar with VB you can add your own extensions to the kit with EasyControls written in VB.

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