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Future strategy

Community engagement

We are driving certain extensions of the kit ourselves. But you are of course more than welcome to provide your feedback. And maybe you can share some of your own work with this project? Get in touch with us.

Short term – next steps

  1. The first priority now, had been to publish the first final release. And now, beyond the first final release we have to focus on fixing all the issues. As people start to use the kit we will certainly get an increasing number of issues and we want to offer maximum reliability.
  2. Second priority is transparency, now that we have published the first final release. We want to help you by trying to explain how to create "my own template" (ASP.NET 2.0 theme) and how to "extend the kit" in order to make it even easier for developers to leverage the kit for their own websites.

Mid term


The MWPSK is built to offer easy localization. We want to get more localized versions as soon as possible. We will love to publish yours and our localizations here on Codeplex, in order to provide other users with them.
Are you interested in localizing the kit into your language(s)? Get in touch with us.

Additional themes

To increase the attraction of the kit we are going to increase the number of available templates (ASP.NET themes) for the kit. We will also publish them here on this platform.
It is easy to add another theme into an already deployed kit –> just upload another folder into the themes folder.
Are you interested in creating an additional theme? Get in touch with us.

Starter kits for the starter kit

Because all data of a deployed website is in the AppData folder it is easy to inject scenario based websites. We could, for example, prepare and publish an empty ‘soccer club’ website and make it available to all users. You would only have to upload all relevant files from the "demo-site's" AppData onto your MWPSK App_Data folder on the server.
Are you interested in setting up a website template for a special scenario (wedding, kind of small business, club, etc.)? Get in touch with us.

Long term

This depends on the feedback we get from you, the community. We don’t want to anticipate anything here but we are trying to find the balance between the simplicity of the internals (code) and the feature set of the solution. And we hope you will join us in this attempt.

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eriklharper Nov 9, 2007 at 1:28 PM 
This looks like a great starter package, and I was sold on using it until I took a look at the page source of the sample webpage that is using the package. I noticed not much of the html is semantic and relies heavily on many extraneous tables for the layout. With the advent of the CSS Friendly control adapters kit, how are you leveraging this along with the growing trend to create clean XHTML compliant markup from the controls you use in the application? I suggest making this a top priority if you want the project to sustain itself into the future.

kevin4000 Dec 19, 2006 at 12:46 PM 
why does it shift between language en and de?

Paulfo Nov 27, 2006 at 4:31 PM 
Cough - hey a retro theme, why not!

yousaid Nov 17, 2006 at 7:28 PM 
Great efforts BUUUT, where is the VB port?