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SubPages inherit "visible" property from parent page

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Feb 9, 2010 at 9:29 AM

Hello to the community. I just started transfering of my Frontpage site to MWPSK. What I need are some "standalone pages" in my site, that means pages which are hidden and not visibly bound to the navigation column. So I defined a page, where the visible checkbox is not checked. On this page I defined subpages which are now not visible in the navigation column. I only refer to that pages within my other pages by 'a href='. Basically this works fine, but unfortunately the subpages inherit the "visible" property from it's parent page, though they are checked 'visible', and so they are also not visible. I'm new in ASP .net so it's difficult for me to figure out, where in the coding this inhertance is done. Any idea?