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Possible New Architecture Discussion

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Jan 19, 2010 at 4:18 PM

Current architecture to load a web page

1. find page id

2. load all sections in the page (run code behind page)

3. add each sections to the page (run code behind section)

4. URL rewrite

4. Send response to the user

Most of page content, they don't change per request (except blog and forum); they are pretty static.

We can save the whole web page into a file.

Each theme will have correspondence web page content.

When user requests a page, we just simply find the saved web page content; load the content as response, then send to user.

For Blog and forum page, change to AJax Rss Feeding module since this module might change every request; let the Ajax request the rss content at JavaScript run-time.

This architecture might be able to solve two problems:

1. too much cached data, reduce memory usage

2. the loading time will be improved since we don’t need to run code behind pages and section.

I would like to hear other developer’s opinions and feasibilities.