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MWPSK 1.3.0 - FreeTextBox html editor problems with old FCKEditor HTML-code

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Dec 17, 2009 at 5:15 PM

Hi to all

I converted my web page from MWPSK1.2.2 to MWPSK1.3.0.

This was easy.


HTML code problems in FreeTextBox :

Now I have problems with the content of the HTML sections in the new FreeTextBox editor.

FTB uses numbers for the font-size and FCKEditor uses words like small,middle for the font-size in the HTML-Code.

Now the old font size definitions from FCKEditor inside the HTML-Code are still active and new definitions of FTB will not get working until

the old FCKEditor definitions will deleted out from the HTML-code.

Very difficulty to edit all the section contents, in HTML-code directly !

Same problems  I have with bold typeface and font names and I guess there are other  !

Has someone an easy workaround for these format problems in HTML sections ?

Or better ......  Has somone implemented the FCKEditor in the new MWPSK1.3.0 version ?


Property edit in FreeTextBox edit mode :

I can define a Table without no problem. In a popup dialog all properties of the table will be shown and after customize the properties, the table will be created.

Later when I will increase the border size  I am not able to get show the properties for the actual active table.

Sorry, but probably I am a little stupid, but right mouse (double) click on the table will not show the popup property dialog again (in FCKEditor this was the way to select the property dialog box again) !

How I can select that popup property dialog ? I am using Firefox 3.5.6 as browser !


Thank you very much for any good answers !


Best regards