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SectionZones replaces dropzones

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Apr 15, 2009 at 3:51 PM
Hi. I've done som changes in the dropzones like adding a new feature that let's the control registerers it self. It's called SectionZones and will replace DropZones. It's is really easy to use.
Just add a reference to the usercontrol i Skinfile, and you can create how many sectionzones you like.

In Skinfile add:
<%@ Register tagPrefix="cc2" TagName="SectionZone"  src="~/UserControls/SectionZone.ascx" %>

And start creating SectionZones for eg
<cc2:SectionZone runat="server" SectionZoneID="Sidebar" ID="SectionZone1" />
<cc2:SectionZone runat="server" SectionZoneID="LeftSidebar" ID="SectionZone2" />

See my post at

Regards //Rickard