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News List problem

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Feb 14, 2009 at 2:58 AM

Great application works wel, but found an issue. I am really hoping someone may have some insight into this, or could point me in the direction someone who does, as I am completely stumped. I have 2 different issues first and most critical, is the News Lists. I have a News List set up on 2 different pages (one displays on the sidebar). On average about once every few days (and 3 times today alone) all of the html code keeps getting stripped off the source code.  The formating and links html is completely stripped so if you select the source button it just duplicates what is in the view the source code is lost. It is very time consuming to keep going through and resetting all the formating and links. This is becoming a critical issue as one of the news feed links goes to out online member renewal so members can not renew and this is causing a lot of problems. I am afraid I may have to go back to our old web site until after the renewal season if I can not get this resolved ASAP.

The other issue I am having is the search only searches the content on the pages not in any related documents as google search does. Do you know how to modify the default search to accomodate this? or is this even possible? We have a lot of document links that do not get searched but frequently would be where the info is located that is needed.

I am using the blue swirl starter pages templates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.