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Jan 5, 2009 at 2:49 PM
This starter kit i a  amazing one i have to really admit it  .And i  converted this from C# to .Everything is working fine ,converting from C# to is  a bit difficult one, in c# we can easily get the 'Type' of interfaces eg
in SectionAdmin.ascx.cs  in function Page_Render
      string ResourceID = "ctl_" + _section.Section.GetType().Name + "_RssTitle";
is working fine in c#
but in it is not working because we cannot directly call _section.Section.GetType().Name bcoz it will create a runtime error .
so i declare an object and then call the gettype like this
     Dim s As Object = _section.Section
     Dim ResourceID As String = "ctl_" & s.GetType.Name & "_RssTitle"
i have to use this method  in  more situations and also there are some problems in implementing interfaces due to difference in implementing interfaces in C# and

Thank u