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SiteMapEditor extended

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Aug 20, 2008 at 9:26 AM
Edited Aug 20, 2008 at 4:15 PM
Well guys, you know, everybody of us comes with differents necessity, and code programming is a leverage to accomplish these tasks.

In my case I felt the necessity to extend the Sitemap editor with a bunch of characteristics to improve the following:

  • The date of last change xml tag; this is usefull if you attach an automatic sitemap.xml generator to give out the correct date when you doc has been changed last time;
  • A RootLevel xml tag, to know from the root at which level the current node is nested; this is usefull since I do an extensive use of css and throught a modified CSS Friendly adapter I actually display my menu with different color according to the level it belongs.
  • A Parent xml tag; this contain the guid of the level to which the current one is nested. Basically it's used for the same purpose of RootLevel;
  • A ContentFrom xml tag; this addition comes from a customer exigency. He requested me to have the same page displayed twice or more (virtual page), with different name. Due to the logic of MWPSK, the best solution I've found is to create a new page with the internal reference of the original Guid and during page load show the content from the original page accordingly to GUID contained into this tag. This tag is supposed to be very usefull in a SEO scenario.
You can find here my sitemap editor extension.
It would be nice to see sooner or later this changes integrated into a future release of MWPSK, becuase I think can bring a lot of additional value to the project. That's the reason I'm sharing with u.

Please, feel free to report bug, issue, idea and whatever u want. I'll do my best to fix or to change code.