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HTML Gallery view changes

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May 13, 2008 at 11:21 PM
I combined the two html gallery views into one (the thumbnails on the side and the big image in the center) and it works fine except I am unable to get the imgGalleryBigView to initialize with the first thumbnail for that page.  I can assign it the URL for the spacer.gif in the properties and that sort of works on the first page of multi-page galleries, but if you don't select a thumbnail before paging to the next screen of thumbnails, you get an x for the image.  I would like it to initialize the image just as you would clicking on the first thumbnail of that page.  I was attempting to do it in the updateviews under the (!IsPostBack) section but I keep getting a null for entry.  I'm getting up to speed on dot net, but still a little green.  Any ideas would be appreciated.