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Documentation question.

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Jan 17, 2008 at 10:10 PM

I´m quite new to the mwpsk and and i have realized that mwpsk is good way to start exploring, because of it´s many good development practices. I have studied the basics of c# and asp.net2 and realized, that the "rapid development" is not necessarily the best way to do things so i consider mwpsk as a good place to start. However i´m little dissapointed about the documentation. I have read the "how to" .xps -files, which are good, but they dont explain how mwpsk works as a whole. What i mean is that , i would like see some sort of diagram of the basic logic of "one page" -implementation (default.aspx). Maybe i´m little stupid, but have to draw that diagram for my self if can´t find it anywhere else. So is there somewhere documentation/introduction like that?? Meanwhile i read the code and try to process it with my allready full buffer and try to figure out thelogic.