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Kit 1.3 isn't launching, but 1.2 works fine

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Feb 26, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Hello everyone.  I have been reading all of the wonderful contributions, and now I need some help.

I have been using mwpsk for over a year now, version 1.2.  No problems with the server, etc.

I created a new domain and the administrator for the host/server downloaded and unzipped version 1.3.   The welcome page appears when typing in the domain name on the internet. And that is as far as we can go.  When we enter the login information, the kit doesn't launch.  Instead an error shows up from Internet Explorer saying that the path is wrong.

Next we tried to run the kit locally first and create the website before uploading it to the server.  The same thing happens.  We are not able to access any of the pages.


Any suggestions?  Ideas?  I've gone through all of the discussions here and can't find one that is similar to what we are experiencing.


Thanks for your help.