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How to localize your sitemap in a easy way.

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Jul 11, 2007 at 11:09 PM

just thought I could post this trick to localize your sitemap. It's easy to implement and doesn't require any change to core.

First of all, open your web.sitemap file inside your app_data folder. Change this line:

<siteMap xmlns="">


<siteMap xmlns="" enableLocalization="true">

Now create a resource file for localizations in App_GlobalResources. Say you name it SitemapLocalization.resx and also add italian version Add a new string in both files, for example "Homepage" as key, like this:

SitemapLocalizations.resx : Homepage (Key) -> Homepage (value) Homepage (Key) -> Pagina principale (value)

Close both files and run your portal. Browse to "Pages and Navigations" page. Select Homepage and type in Navigation box:


Save page data. Now you should be able to localize your sitemap.

General format is:

ClassName -> filename (for ex. SitemapLocalizations)
KeyName -> key inside previous file (for ex. Homepage)
DefaultValue -> well, try a wild guess ;-)

Hope this helps. Used with MLHTMLContent section I posted a while ago, this makes localizing your portal very easy.