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MWPSK has a well defined positioning, which fits into the already available landscape around different starter kits and products. Its features adress the needs of the target audience, which has limited capabilities in terms of funding and willingness to learn complex systems. With "My Web Pages Starter Kit" we provide a content management system (CMS), which is easy to handle, extendable and for free.

Of course there are some compromises related to the fundamental technology (ASP.NET 2.0) and more in relation to the objective of combining an easy to understand code and useful CMS functionality.

Here is a list of systems and the positioning of MWPSK in relation to them:
  • Live spaces is a place to instantly create a personal website including a blog and a gallery -> useful for end users who can live without their own domain name and with a given style etc.
  • Hosted CMS solutions (Service Provider Model similar to live spaces) are perfect for people who are looking for a web presence and who don’t want to or are unable to deal with technical details. These solutions usually lack the ability to move a website from one provider to another. In addition they normally aren’t fully customizable (templates, localizations, additional features etc.).
  • Starter Kits often just provide an example, which can then be extended using Microsoft Visual Web Dev Express. Quite often, they aren't fully functional solutions and additional work is needed.
  • This "My Web Pages Starter Kit" is a CMS system, which is functional right out of the box. You don’t even need to look at the files if you don’t want to: simply upload them to your server and off you go. The application combines easy understandable internals (simplicity in the coding) with cool features. Both of which are really helpful in real world scenarios. This starter kit is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and it is anticipated that the kit will be deployed to shared hosting environments.
  • dotnetnuke is a much more capable CMS system, which includes a very comprehensive and complex code base. Understanding the internal architecture requires ASP.NET development skills.

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