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This is the place where we are publishing all news and updates related to the My Web Pages Starter Kit. Please subscribe to the RSS feed in order to stay up to date. This is also the place where we would publish security alerts, which we try to avoid in the first place but we need to be prepared for them anyhow.

Screenshot of the upcoming theme for the Arabic localization
2006 December 13th - Urs Müller

Here is the screenshot of the draft for the upcoming Arabic theme in version 1.1.0:


Wiki is updated and first issues of RC1 are reported
2006 October 26th - Urs Müller

Yesterday and today I am updating this codeplex website to make the MWPSK and its purpose more transparent. We want to initialize and maintain a structure on this wiki, which makes it easy to evaluate the MWPSK and stay up to date.

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