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Download the Complete Documentation

The most current version of documentation can also be found in each zipped release package.
You can download a zip archive containing the English and German documentation here.

First Step: Installation

  • Running it locally
    • Extract all files contained in the ZIP file to your hard drive
    • Launch Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio Web Developer Express
    • Select "File->Open Web Site" to open the Web Site
    • Hit F5 to launch the Web Site in your browser (You do not really need to run the web application locally if you don't want to modify the kit. You may just unpack the files and publish them to your web host. See below)
  • Publishing to your web host
    • The My Web Pages Starter Kit requires an ASP.NET 2.0 hoster
    • Upload the files
    • Open a hosting account with a hoster who supports the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 web technology. In return the hoster will provide you the access data, which you need to maintain your website in your role as a webmaster.
    • Publish My Web Pages Starter Kit to your hoster by uploading all files (except the AppData folder) to your hoster. This is usually done with an ‘FTP Client’. In order to do so you need the server name and your credentials for your account (username & password) from your hoster. Note: The AppData folder is a special ASP.NET 2.0 folder and requires special permissions (Windows 2000: write privileges for the "ASPNET" account / Windows 2003: write privileges for the "Network Service" account and the additional right to read the attributes of the superior directories). If your hoster has already created this folder, do not overwrite it as you will lose these special permissions. If it does not exist, create it and ask your hoster to grant write access to the ASPNET user. Without these access permissions the MWPSK code is unable to store your information there.
    • My Web Pages Starter Kit requires at least medium trust (Learn more). Usually the hoster has already set the medium trust level in the machine.config file. Therefore this specification in the web.config file is commented out. We recommend you to uncomment this setting in the web.config file if you work with the My Web Pages Starter Kit locally to make sure that your additional code is compliant with the medium trust restrictions.
    • Launch your web browser and type in the URL of your My Web Pages Starter Kit website. After a short delay, My Web Pages Starter Kit creates the initial data files in your App_Code folder and it will show you a default homepage.
    • Change your administrator password by clicking on "Administration->User Management" (Initial username is admin; initial password is: admin) Log in as administrator (admin/yournewpassword)
    • Configure your web site by clicking on "Administration->CMS Setup" NOTE: As long as you did not specify a Smtp-Server or Mail Sender Address, all features and controls that send emails (like Password Reset, Contact Form, etc.) will not be available.
  • Install My Web Pages Starter Kit using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

For more information please download the current release (includes documentation) or the documentation-only package.

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