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Nov 20, 2009 at 12:22 AM

I dont know how to share stuff, so bear with me if I am doing this wrong, BUT,

I took the latest 1.3.0 version and modified it to add some of the features of earlier versions to meet my needs, and what I think others have asked for.

First,  I took out the feature allowing for self registration.  I needed to allow others to request for registration to my sites, but I need to approve them before they can access any of the "Members Only" sections, so inserted code I received awhile back from MRickardson.

Second, I modified the code so that I can now use the roles management featuers that were part of 1.1.4 and put out via the 1.1.4 extensions.  It works like a charm but I now have one problem that I need help with.  While I still have the option for "Power Users", whenever a power user signs on, they dont have any abilities to edit any pages.

Also, while the HTML Editor looks better, the features on it seem to be worse in my opinion.  The biggest frustration I am having is that with the old FCKeditor, when I clicked the button to add a link, it gave me all kinds of options as to what I wanted to link to, and whether I wanted the link to open in a new page, the current page, the parent, etc, etc, etc.  Now with the new editor, when I click the link, all it asks me for is a URL and thats it and doesnt give me any of the options I had before.

Anyhow, if anyone wants to use this version with the features I put back into it I would be happy to share it with you.  If anyone knows how, and can help me to get the power user feature working again I would appreciate it.  Finally, if anyone knows how I can use a better HTML Editor, or get this one to work better I would appreciate that advice too.

Thanks in advance,


Nov 20, 2009 at 1:58 PM
mrmeyer4irm wrote:

...I would be happy to share it with you...


Jason --

You may wish to consider zipping the project and uploading it to the "patches" section of this site, in order to shared it with others, etc.

You could do that and or post a link here so others can download it.

There is a slim chance that I may be able to look at it quickly, if it is easy to install and if it is easy to setup and if I find a little time.


Thank you.

-- Mark Kamoski