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Cache related problems?

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Feb 5, 2007 at 11:56 AM
Hi There,

First I like to thank everybody on the project. I like the ease-of-use very much.
But I have a problem on my private webserver (win2k3, II6, all sec.updates) with MWPSK version 1.1.1.

When adding news-items, users, event-items or whatsoever it seems like I receive cached results when pressing the SAVE button.
E.g. after adding a second or third news-item, I only get the first item as a result when pressing the SAVE button. The other two dissapeared, even from the .config file in the EventList folder.
Other example: when I move the eventlist to the sidebar it instanly shows the correct result. But when switching back to another (visited) page it is not showing, switching back to the eventlist shows it again.
I already disabled the ISAPI cache with no results.
My webserver at the office is not showing this behaviour.
Administrating the site with IE7 or Firefox 1.5 gives no difference.

Anybody an idea where to look for?
If needed I can put up an empty site for testing.