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can we sort the downloads by latest updated rather than alphabetical order

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Sep 19, 2009 at 10:58 AM

Hi, in Downloads Section, can we make the downloads appear in LIFO (Latest in First Out) method . I mean to say can we see the latest updates to downloads section appear in list on the top.


Currently this is in the alphabetical order. can someone please help me to make the latest ones appear on top rather than in the ascending order?



Sep 27, 2009 at 8:08 PM

The Data file does not have a column to identify the upload by anything other then


I did see in the XML file has a value that shows the order the files where uploaded...  So this gives me two ideas...

One, you could edit App_Code/Sections/DownloadList.cs file on line 54 and remove the Title ASC so that it is a empty string "" but this result would be that the file returns first in first out.  

Two, To get the last in last out you really need to add a new column to the xml file like UploadDate, or SortField but this is a bigger task and would require a hung understanding of .net programming and some xml.   You have about a dozen or more places to make changes in your test/development version of the site...

Three, Of course you could just write your own EasyControl to replace the builtin one which is always a better way to go. you can get a head start by starting with the /Sections/DownloadList.ascx file as a starting point. Just copy it to the EasyControls and start making changes...


On a final note if your not going to use the comments field for anything you could just put your sort order value in that field and change line 54 to sort by "Comment ASC" or  "Comment DESC"  as the case maybe...

hope that helps some...