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Newbie here...

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Sep 13, 2008 at 11:40 PM
HI All,

I apologize if this has been discussed already.  But I am hoping someone has some infor they can help me figure out.

1.  Is there anyway that you can add additional links to the top right at the Login and Search?
2. Is there anyway to change the picture to at the header?
3. Is there a way to add the company logo to the header?

Any helpor suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sep 14, 2008 at 3:11 AM
Yes to all three questions, 2 & 3 are really the same thing, if you just create a new image and have the logo on it also, just rename the new image img_header.jpg and place it in the images folder under the theme you choose, for example if you use RoundedBlack, then the file would be App_Themes/RoundedBlack/Images/img_header.jpg just upload it to the server over the top of the existing file of the same name and your header will be whatever you designed and include the logo. Make sure you change the rights on the image from Read Only in the first place i.e. go to the file in Windows Explorer (use the example I just gave), right mouse click on the file, then left mouse click on Properties and then take the tick (check mark) out of the box at the bottom that says Read Only. Once you make the changes to the artwork and save the new file, you can go back in and place the Read Only back on so that you maintain good security practices.

If you wanted two different images, one for your logo because it may change occasionally and one for your header, you can do this using tables and HTML directly into the file but this will require the skills to do that. Essentially you can modify any page if you know what you are doing, and this is how you would do your question 1, you can see the references to the existing login and search near the top of the file, which heavily relies on tables and is easy to follow.

Having said all of this, can I suggest that you do all your testing on a development site locally on your own computer before working on the production files on your live website, it is wise to adopt a safe approach to testing and break your testing site and not muck-up your live site.