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Does anyone know what evamanual2012.pdf is?

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Apr 23, 2012 at 6:49 PM

I have some files under httpdocs/UserFiles/File

in version 1.2.x and do not know if they should be there or not.

the files look like.

21032012(1).html             3/20/2012 10:39 PM       HTML Document    1KB
21032012.html                 3/20/2012  6:31 PM       HTML Document    1KB 
21032012.xhtml                4//3/2012  4:33 PM       XHTML File            1KB
evamanual(1).pdf              3/26/2011  7:35 PM       PDF File                 69KB
evamanual(2).pdf              3/26/2011  7:39 PM       PDF File                 69KB
evamanual.pdf                  3/26/2011  7:32 PM       PDF File                 69KB
evamanual2012(1).pdf       3/26/2011  7:26 AM       PDF File                 69KB
evamanual2012.pdf           3/26/2011  7:15 AM       PDF File                 69KB 
fckcoretesthtml(1).html       5/12/2011  9:29 AM       HTML Document   1KB
fckcoretesthtml.html           5/12/2011  9:29 AM       HTML Document   1KB 
fckcoretestxhtml(1).xhtml     5/12/2011  9:29 AM      XHTML File           1KB 
fckcoretestxhtml.xhtml         5/12/2011  9:29 AM      XHTML File           1KB  


Any help would be appreciated