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Yet another sidebar discussion...

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Sep 9, 2008 at 6:30 PM
Hello everyone, I'd first like to say how intelligently written the UI for MWPSK is. I've been looking under the hood lately, and I'm strongly considering making it my #1 cms for my clients, but the one thing holding me back is how the sidebar is implemented. I need to put arbitrary html there (i.e. sponsor ads, etc). I understand there is an extension that does this, but it has the following drawback (please correct me if I'm wrong): it can only be put at the top or bottom of the sidebar. Has anyone tried adding a "move to sidebar" button to the current html content section control? (I suppose clicking on it should also make it not display in the main content area).

This seems like a slightly more straightforward way to do it, and multiple html content sections can alternate with other sidebar items. I'm trying to look into this myself but I don't know much about xsl. Has anyone thought of this already? I doubt I am the first.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any response!
Sep 11, 2008 at 4:31 AM
Hi, I'm like you, wanting very much to use the CMS more and more, and the Sidebar issue is a concern, so far I have it going on one site and that was a bit of a nightmare but now that it's working it is very shaky in what I can add, it seems that as long as its simple text it is fine, I wrote this on the other thread but haven't had anyone reply yet saying it was just me or that the thing is not very robust for everyone. That aside, the positioing of the html on the sidebar does seem a little weird, I'm tempted to upload a test site to the shared hoster I'm with and do some experimenting but at this stage all positioning seems to be under the page links in the navigation, which seems right as a default but would be nice if it could be repositioned if required to fit in with a certain design look.