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Adding lots of content dynamically via code

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Sep 2, 2008 at 2:38 AM
Edited Sep 2, 2008 at 2:43 AM

First off, thanks for the starter kit, very useful, though i think its a little more than a starter kit now - more of a full blown CMS.

Now, I have gotten my basic website created with your brilliant kit. Now i need to implement some more advanced functionality:

I have a lot of data which needs to be displayed, I can format this data in whatever way i like (the data comes from a web crawler i've made) i.e. CSV, DB, etc
This data needs to be categorized by name, i.e. each record has a name, and a few bits of other data.
There are around 10000+ records... Ideally i would like each record to have a seperate page (based on the name) for better search engine indexing

I am debating the best way of achieving this with MWPSK, ideas I have so far:

Creating a DB with a easycontrol to access the information, and categorize it, display it.
    Issues - I will only have one page link to all the data (idealy i want a single page for each record), I dont like DBs (my game server doesn't even use DBs, I'm definately a flat file man)

Creating a easycontrol which reads the page title, then from that decides which bit of data to pick out from a series of files containing the data in some sort of order, build a way for automating the page production and creation of the easycontrol on each of the 10000+ pages in MWPSK (i.e. a keyboard/mouse macro)
    Issues - I'm struglling with whether its possible to pick out the page title from inside a easycontrol (can someone please confirm?), also the navigation bar which will become several mb big if i have 10000+ links in it

Creating a program to spit out 10000+ html pages, creating a single page on MWPSK, then using that page as a portal to my 10000+ html pages
    Issues - The MWPSK search wont index these 10000+ html pages (does anyone know how i can force these into MWSPK?), i'll have to recreate the exact same page layout for these html pages as the main site

Neither ideas are particularly great, so am asking for any general advice, ideas or wondering if anyone else is facing a similar challenge with using MWPSK to manage a lot of data on their site?

Actually, what would make this very easy for me, is if there is a way to programatically add pages to the site, i.e. being able to produce the MWPSK pages through some c# code offline then ftping this to the production server. Is this possible?