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Problem with link to uploaded file

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Aug 30, 2008 at 6:49 PM
Hi All,
I have some problem with adding link to binary file. After uploading binary file (setup.msi) to folder /App_Data/UserImages/File  I pointed to this file in editor (in administrator mode). Then link seems to be correct (/ImageHandler.ashx?UploadedFile=true&pg={0}ℑ=~/App_Data/UserImages/File/setup.msi) when I look to edit box with URL. After save page I try to download file on which is pointing my new link. Unfortunately this link is pointed to javascript:void(0);/*1220116248988*/ when I'm trying to download file in IE.
Anybody have idea what I do improper? How can I add simple text link to download binary file from my site?
Thanks for all suggestions.