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Admin cannot login

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Aug 21, 2008 at 2:08 PM

I created a web site using MWPSK, it works fine when I run it localy http://localhost/MySite. I can login login as admin and everything is fine.

When I redirected my domain name which is to point to my computer MySite ( I hosted MySite in my home PC), it works fine except , I can't get the Admin section, when I type the admin username and password , it doesn't say there is an error in the username or password , just the page reloads and I can't see the admi section.

I can't post a log as well it keeps saying AntiBot error  ????

I commented out in web.cofig the section so the site runs in meduim trusted environment.

Am I missing any settings in MWPSK or in my IIS . ( I am using XP).

Please any help will be appreciated ..