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Planning Advice Request

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Jun 29, 2008 at 12:09 AM

I need some help in planning my website of the future. Knowing the destination is as important as taking the first step. I downloaded MWPSK to get an idea of where I am going. After poking around in it for a few days, it has most of the features I am trying to develop on my own. You geniuses have anticipated my destination! Thank you for your work. Now I can be ignorant and pretend I am smart (just kidding - sort of)!

Where I want to go:

  1. A website with 7 sections of unrelated content - 5 public and 2 private.
    1. Public - Investments - with Blog and database
    2. Public - Pictures - Online photos of public interest
    3. Public - Comment - Blog for philosophical comment on contemporary events
    4. Public - Extras - Interesting comment, stories and pictures that don't fit elsewhere. Probably in blog format.
    5. Public - Local - News, comments and discussion of interest to the community where I live. Probably in Blog format
    6. Private - Family news, pictures, addresses etc
    7. Private - Alcoholics Anonymous news, pictures and events

Where I came from:
My children gave me a domain for Christmas back in about 1998. I built and maintained it with FrontPage until early this year when my web hosting service (iPowerWeb) quit supporting FrontPage extensions. That wrecked my site navigation and forced me into the 21st century.

Where I am:
I bought and went through two books on Expression Web ("Foundations of microsoft Expression Web" by Cheryl Wise and "Using Microsoft Expression Web" by Jim Cheshire). That made it possible to get my website back online at

I am now on hour 17 of "Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET 2.0 in 24 Hours" by Scott Mitchell. In learning details, I sort of lost sight of my big picture destination and got confused. That is why I downloaded MWPSK and have spent a week or so looking at different websites and the programming behind them. Next on my study agenda is "Microsoft Visual C# 2005 in 24 Hours" by James Foxall.

I need some advice on whether my goals are realistic and achievable.

  1. Will I be able to have that many different blogs on one website?
  2. Right now the public sections are folders under the root. Will that work or do these need to be webs in their own right? Will my hosting service allow that? What question do I need to ask to find out? (It is a shame to be so ignorant that I can't even ask a question)
  3. I do not plan to allow the public to register for the private sections. I will send the appropriate ID and Password to the people who need it. Is this adequate security for private information or do I need to explore other security measures? Can search engines detect the names addresses and phone numbers in password secured areas? If someone downloaded my website could they access the information without the password? What would happen if I encrypted everything in the Private folders with PGP except the logon form? (Yes I know PGP is outdated, but then, so am I)
  4. Every time I use ftp to update my website, I am reminded that the password is not encrypted. As a practical matter, is this a serious concern?
  5. Can I adapt MWPSK to do the these things? Is it possible to delete parts of MWPSK that are not needed (the multiple languages for example? I want to understand how it works so I can fix problems that will surely arise but I'm not hell bent on reinventing the wheel.
  6. Am I in the right forum for this type of question? If not, could someone suggest a place where such questions would be welcome?

John C. Harper