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MWPSK 1.3 user registration using ASPNETDB

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Sep 17, 2010 at 8:10 AM

thanks for your time

I'm able to use User Registration when using the "CustomXmlMembershipProvider, .. RoleProvider" (User.config, ... role.config". HOWEVER:

I would like to use ASPNETDB for this business.
To do this I added PeterKellner's code to do it directly in the WEB site ---> which works fine I.e. I can manage Users, Roles etc. EXCEPT:

When I try to use "Create User" in MWPSK 1.3 I get an error saying that the wizardstep does not include a "security question" wizardstep
exact error:
"CreateUserWizardStep.ContentTemplate does not contain an IEditableTextControl with ID Question for the security question, this is required if your membership provider requires a question and answer." 

Has anybody implemented / enhanced these wizard steps?

Thanks a lot sharing your experience and your ideas/hints





Sep 21, 2010 at 7:17 AM

after some more reading and testing:

a) PeterKellner's code has nothing to do with the error; it 'just' provides to maintain tASPNETDB 'online'!

b) obviously MWPSK 1.3 is NOT supporting the Security Question/Answer business. Therefore, I copied the machine.config SQLmembership provider into my web.config with one change:


Now, the create user business works!                     and, for now, I do not need the "Security Question/Answer business"

The question remains: Has anybody implemented in 1.3 the "Security Question/Answer business"!