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More Customizable SideBar

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Feb 6, 2008 at 11:12 PM
Please consider, for 1.2, making the sidebar a bit easier to insert "other than list-item links" when creating custom section controls.

For example, I'm expanding upon the custom (Richard's) Products section to include a shopping cart (and related checkout section) and am displaying user's shopping-cart in the side bar. I've found a means to do this but it's not the most elegant way.

A couple thoughts:
- A way to suppress display, or provide custom string, to the section sidebar title. I.E., i'd like to write "Your Cart" instead of "Products", or hide it altogether
- A section "is sent to sidebar" property to test for, in codebehind, that say, if true.. could hide sidebar specific content in the section. if false.. show sidebar content in section html.
- The sidebar.xsl is rigid/restricting.. maybe it could have alternate UI output, based on custom input (??)

Hope that makes sense. Maybe I'm asking for something that's easily doable, already, and I just haven't seen the obvious means. The way the sidebar is populated, via rss/channels, items... etc. is rather complex and foreign to me.
Feb 7, 2008 at 2:52 PM

As a start you can find such features in this addon:

Feb 13, 2008 at 2:45 PM
You can do this if you add multiple masterpages I've posted earier(See link below). (If you dont want the Shopcart in all pages)
You can also create a usercontrol and add it to the skinfile exactly where you want it to be.

See post:

I'm right now looking up how to add Sections to more then one area. Main goal is to put a Section where I want it to be, like a dropzone. This requires a lot of reordering in the core of the cms.
Multiple dropzones will be available, and the amount of them doesn't care. Instead of using a Page-SectionID there will be a dropzoneID.
I think it's easier to add a control directly where we want in stead of compromise.

Sep 15, 2008 at 4:37 AM
Edited Sep 15, 2008 at 4:41 AM

Hi Friends :-)

I've just been reading different threads and this one grabbed my eye because one of the things I would like to do is to add a shopping cart to my MWPSK website. The cart I was hoping would have been integrated into a MWPSK already because it's been out awhile is the DASH Commerce cart which has its own life on Codeplex, and it's own forums etc. After looking at every page on the Dash sites and every page on the MWPSK sites, I see no direct correlation, in fact even the almighty Google comes up blank when you search for both. Thus I have to conclude that no one has done it yet and that's because there is obviously some difficulty.

If all my assumptions are correct and it's just too hard to merge the two ideas together, then perhaps someone else has come up with a manually coded, less sophisticated cart, even on a one page only scenario, and just manually punched it into the file of their selected theme, if so can I look at the working website or the files or the relevant code?

Generally speaking, when you look at the MWPSK websites, these CMS are superb in every way, except for the one glaring omission, which is the failure to provide a cart solution built directly into it. In my mind, I can envisage another control, just like blog or news etc. which is called Cart, then by pointing and clicking, you place the cart on a page, then start adding products, descriptions, price and image and the backend logic keeps track via cookies or whatever of an individual’s items, then at the end moves to a checkout page which hands off to PayPal or other payment method.

If this is already possible via EasyControls which I appreciate might be easier, is there any mini, lightweight cart that anyone has used yet? I have to assume that there is some reason why the DASH Commerce package just won't work, because surely someone would have got it going by now if it were possible.

Does anyone have any thoughts on building a cart directly into the core version of our CMS, or is this living in the 'Too hard basket' for some backend reason I don't understand. As a user, website designer, seller, updater, and not a developer in a strict sense, I keep thinking there must be a reason why this most basic thing hasn't been done. There are really only two reasons for the existence of any website 1. Information or 2. To sell you something :-) It would be great if the CMS would permit the ability to sell things in a cart/checkout fashion which most net users these days expect and are finally familiar with. Any thoughts, suggestions for alternative models? Is it just a case that you get the cart working as a cart and simply have a link in your own CMS website that points to it, which is in reality two different websites working and 'sort of' looking as one, which just seems such a clumsy alternative.

Thanks for reading this far, and I'll gladly try any reasonable alternative or suggestion. Thank you.