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Same section on multiple pages?

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Apr 17, 2010 at 11:28 AM

I had a bright idea. Well, it seemed a bright idea at the time.


I want some people to be able to update some pages, but not every page, and different people should be able to edit some of those other pages.

My idea was to have two pages with the same newlist, one page is available to anonymous users, not editable by powerusers - call that ReadersPage.

The other page can be edited by PowerUsers, but is restricted to a particular role by placing a roles="Editors" in the sitemap, so only users with that role can reach that page, call the the EditorsPage.

And I thought I just need to look at the sitemap, find the GUID for each page, open the xml config files in the App_Data\Pages folder, and copy the GUID of the Newslist section from one pages .config file to the other.

So I would have a ReadersPage that anybody could read, and another EditorsPage that only one or two people could reach, editing the news items displayed on the ReadersPage. Easy, problem solved.


Except it doesn't work.

Any changes I make in the Pages .config files are ignored, I cannot get the same section content to appear in two pages.

Can anybody tell me what I am missing?

Does anybody know another way to achieve this?


Apr 18, 2010 at 8:49 AM

I rebooted after installing something else, and when I went back to MWPSK I discovered that my cloned sections were now working on multiple pages.

After some experiments, it seems you have to restart the server - by which I mean IIS or the development server, not the machine -  before the effect of editing the pages .config files shows up.

Just shift/refreshing the browser does not do it.