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Sitemap Security trimming in v1.30

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Apr 12, 2010 at 3:06 PM

I have a site using version 1.30, with SQL membership and roles providers instead of the MWPSK custom xml providers.

I have disabled the Administration -> Users page, and have my own replacements.

I use several roles in addition to the Administrators and PowerUsers.


I wanted to limit some pages to users with specific roles, and added roles="myRole" to the App_Data/web.sitemap.

This does not seem to work with the customXMLSitemapProvider, with security trimming  enabled.


I switched to the standard xml sitemap provider, and everything seems to work fine without changing the web.sitemap no ill-effects anywhere else, as far as I can see.


So, is this evidence of a bug in the MWPSK sitemap provider?