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Questions about website migration

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Aug 10, 2007 at 1:41 AM

I am going to migrate my existing website to My Web Pages Starter Kit as I did not have time to rewrite my old .NET CMS in .NET2.0 framework but I do want to post my up-to-date articles onto my website. I have a tried on this product and found it quite powerful and flexible. Thanks for creating this.

As My Web Pages Starter Kit is not database driven, I feel a little bit difficult to inhert some "dynamic" features from my original website. I am wondering if you guys have any good ideas or alternative ways to do so. Sorry - I am quite new to this product and some of the issues below may be already solved by the existing features. If yes, please throw some lights on.

The first issue is sharing the links for same items across different pages. Say if I have a page contains several technical articles (I treat them as News section), how can I bring the latest five items to be displayed on the homepage as well? Maybe I am able to use the sidebar but I don't want it to displayed in all the modules.

The second issue is article counter, is it possible to count the hits for a article?

The third issue is to display the related article underneath. My previous CMS store a field called "key word" for each article.

The fourth issue is placing a link to navigate a previous article and next article.

My website is:

Thanks in advanced.

Happy programming!